What is ANGC?

The Northern Virginia Project Graduation began in 1987 with one high school. Since then it has become a celebration across our state committed to promoting a safe, supervised and a memory filled All Night Graduation Celebration in an alcohol-free and drug-free environment.


The All-Night Graduation Celebration (ANGC), in conjunction with the Northern Virginia Project Graduation Advisory Board, assists participating regional high schools in planning and implementing All-Night Alcohol/Drug Free Graduation Celebrations. Since 1987, Northern Virginia Project Graduation’s focus has been to provide safe celebrations and to continue to increase student’s attendance rates in these celebrations.


This year, 2017, will mark the eleventh year that Freedom High School will take part in the ANGC program, and as in the past, educators, students, community leaders, and parents are again working countless hours to provide a memorable and entertaining evening to celebrate the accomplishments of our students.


It is our commitment that in promoting a safe, supervised, memory-filled All-Night Graduation Celebration in an alcohol-free and drug-free environment, we will change what has become an annual tragedy—losing our youth to the deadly mix of drugs, alcohol and driving. Thanks to the support of programs, such as ANGC, there have been no alcohol or drug-related accidents or deaths in Northern Virginia on graduation night!